Vibration detector HM-001

This product is a smart vibration intrusion detector. It uses the advanced signal analysis and processing technology, ensure the stability from design. When mechanical vibration produced by invaders damaging to buildings and other equipment with tool, the detector will alarm.This product is suitable for precaution of reinforced concrete and brick structure building warehouses, partition wall and ATM machines and other equipment. Effectively prevent chisel walls, drilling of the coffers, weapons, ammunition, museum and other equipment.

Function specification

    Intelligent signal analysis technology;

    Adjustable sensitivity;

    LED ON/OFF adjustable;

    alarm delay optional

    (20V/m -1GHz) Anti RF interference (20V/M-1GHz);

    Controlled by microprocessor

    ● SMT manufacture technology, RFI and EMI 

Model No.

HM-001 Vibration detector

Operating voltage DC12V
Static current  ≤15mA
Alarm current  ≤25mA
Alarm indicator Red LED
Alarm output Relay output (NC/CO optional)
Alarm delay 3 seconds or 3 minutes (adjustable)
Operating temperature -10℃~+55℃
Environment humidity Maximum 95%RH(Free of condensation lines)
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