Infrared Baluster Series

■ With original U.S produced IC, CPU microprocessor, it automatically adapts to digital intelligent control, wired and wireless optional, 4 kinds of frequencies for choice, it is suitable for different occasions and is compatible with any brand of host;

■  With high-grade aluminum alloy shell, selection of components, the overall good stability, high reliability, strong anti-jamming capability

■  With rain, fog, snow, immune function, it can be all day outdoor use. Anti-tamper, anti-shear, anti-movement, dual idetification principle can effectively prevent false alarm caused by small animals, birds and other small objects;

■  Stepless 360°rotation to achieve fast and precise focus, unique terminal to make installation convenient;

■  Wired and wireless models for choice;

■  Beams choice: 2 beams/4 beams/6 beams/8 beams /10 beams.

Operating voltage DC9V-35V
Operating current receiver≤35mA, transmitter ≤75mA, Low power consumption
Response speed <0.1s
Relay contacts capacity 30V AC/DC, 0.5A max
Alarm output Open circuit time≥1.5s
Detection distance

indoor 15~120m and outdoor 5~40m and other specifications

Operating temperature -30℃~+50℃
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