Burglar Alarm HM-80 Alarm Host System

HM-808    8 Programmed Wired Zones

HM-816   16 Programmed Wired Zones

HM-816    8 Programmed Wired Zones     16 Wireless Zones

HM-816-16  16 Programmed Wired Zones    16 Wireless Zones


   Can set various programming;

   With remote control function, can connect external siren, remote monitor on-site alarm, trigger on-site siren;

   Can arm/disarm each zone;

   Maximum connect with 4 keypad, host distinguish each keypad through keypad address jumper;

   1 group 4 digits users passwords, 3 groups 4 digits operating passwords;

   Can set 6 groups alarm phone numbers and 2 groups alarm center phone numbers, when alarm is activated, it will dialing these numbers in cycle;

   High speed digital communication, compatible with ADEMCO4+1, CID digital communication protocol; send alarm signal to alarm center;

   Host temper function, keypad temper function, keypad communication line tamper function;

   Can restore password by hardware, restore factory value by software;

   built-in voice module, can record voice for 10 seconds, and do voice alarm

   Record recent 100 alarm event information, can check at any time;

   AC power failure, low battery, dropped calls and other fault alarm;

   One relay output.

Power supply AC220V±10V
Static consumption current ≤100mA
power Less than 1.5 W
Siren output DC12V 400mA
output voltage DC12V-15V
Working temperature -10℃~+50℃
Metal box size 255*235*70mm
Keypad size 159*138*33mm
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