2017-04-21 1156
Alexa, turn on light Alexa, turn off light Alexa, dim light Alexa, increase the brightness of light Alexa, set the brightness of light to 50%. Alexa, turn on plug Alexa, turn off plug
2017-03-08 1894
In which Heiman with its two smart Home products-Smart Smoke Sensor and Smart CO Alarm has been named. Designers and R&D team from Heiman have accepted the international recognition again.
2017-02-28 768
2017-02-08 678
At the beginning of the new year, Heiman announced get MFI certificate which means Heiman got the qualification for developing Apple Homekit products!
2017-01-07 626
The logo of HEIMAN is also occured on the demo wall, you can see the Smart Metering Plug and Smart Smoke Sensor, designed and manufactured by Heiman Technology, which is the proof of Heiman’s strong ...
2016-12-21 1250
Heiman takes “make peoples’ life secure” as their mission, devote themselves into providing high quality alarm products, and strictly pursuing high quality during all processes like development and...
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