Congratulations to Heiman passed MFI certificate, and get qualification to Apple HomeKit product dev
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At the beginning of the new year, Heiman announced get MFI certificate which means Heiman got the qualification for developing Apple Homekit products!

What is MFI certificate? What is the meaning of the MFI certificate?

Apple MFI certificate, is the Apple Inc. authorize the accessory manufacturer to use its Logo, it’s the abbreviation for "made for iPhone""made for iPod""made for iPad".

Apple MFI authorized LOGO

Certified product will be marked with above logo on the package, and the company whose products have the logo means that the quality meets Apple Inc. strict requirements.  

MFi certification is not easy to get, it needs to meet the strict process and audit of the Apple Inc. , the passing rate is only around 2% in the whole word.

In order to maintain the brand image, Apple's official requirements for authorized accessories needs to ensure its quality and taste consistent with Apple. It also show the strength of a sign for the company who apply for and access to MFi authorized Apple accessories manufacturers and design enterprises. And the MFi certified accessories products must use the original MFI chip from Apple.   

What are the hazards of accessories without MFi certification?

Use the Apple accessories without MFi certification, there will be incompatible, crashes, and even damage to Apple devices and other serious consequences, Apple will not offer any compensation, While MFi certified accessories caused damage on Apple device, Apple will make the appropriate compensation.

Apple MFi Certificate Advantages

Heiman has passed the Apple MFi certificate which means that Heiman now is one of the members of MFi, has the eligible for developing Apple HomeKit product, and it will be a breakthrough on the Voice control for Heiman smart home system.

Why Heiman can pass the MFi Certification?

Specialized in development, manufacturing and sales of smart home products, Heiman has excellent quality control equipment, professional R&D team and first-class production and manufacture management system! It is based on those advantages, Heiman get the favor and trust.

Realize integration of Apple Homekit

In the Apple HomeKit product development, Hyman will continue to achieve technological innovation, I believe in the near future, Heiman smart home products can be easily controlled through the Apple device and voice assistant Siri control.

Heiman will keep technology innovation in developing Aplle HomeKit products. Hope in near future, Heiman smart home products can be controlled by Apple device and Siri voice assistant. 

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