Heiman Technology is awarded the title as “Global Innovation Enterprise”, will present smart home pr
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       On 5th, Jan,2017, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is opening in Las Vegas as scheduled! Smart home is transfering the public the newest life style and the advanced home automation technology,it is also becoming the “focal point”in CES in the latest two years.

       So,what can we see at this exhibition?

       Zigbee Alliance present its “Zigbee IOT interoperation Demo”on Tech West #40920,thare are 90 IOT devices showed on the demo wall from more than 30 Global Innovation Enterprises. 

      The logo of HEIMAN is also occured on the demo wall, you can see the Smart Metering Plug and Smart Smoke Sensor, designed and manufactured by Heiman Technology, which is the proof of Heiman’s strong R&D capability and the world-famous brand of HEIMAN.

As a well-known brand in smart home area, Heiman brings smart home system, anti-fire system and security system to CES, and will present the innovative idea and networking technology. 


The show is still going on, I believe Heiman will give you a more exciting experience, once again, We would like to invite you to visit Heiman booth!

2017 CES,Jan.5-8,2017, Sands Expo Center 43363

       Looking forward to seeing you there!

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