Counting a variety of Heiman smart sensors won the "Zigbee, Z-wave, CE certification”
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“Little balance left in 2016, did you achieve your target?” This is a popular sentence on the internet. It is true that 2016 almost gone, look this year back, Heiman got great harvest and achievement.

“Best Home Security Solution Award of Huawei”

”Council Members of China Smart Home Industry Alliance”

“2016-2017 China Top 10 Reliable Brand of Smart Home”

A variety of smart sensor got “zigbee、z-wave、CE” certificate


Let us count Heiman smart sensors which has got “zigbee、z-wave、CE certificate”

Zigbee Certificate

ZigBee is a new rising, short distance, low speed, low power consumption, low cost, Ad-Hoc network, less complicated, safe and reliable, high extensibility dual way wireless communication technology, which has a special advantage in smart home field. ZigBee Alliance is positioned as a technology enabler in the IOT generation, is one of the most powerful IOT standard organization in the world.

Heiman smart smoke sensor HS1SA-E and smart metering plug HS2SK-E have got ZigBee certificate.


(Heiman smart smoke sensor HS1SA-E Zigbee Alliance certificate)  (Smart Metering Plug HS2SK Zigbee  Alliance certificate)

      Z-wave Certificate

Z-Wave is a kind of wireless networking specification dominated by a Danish company Zensy. It is reliable wireless communication technology, which has simple structure and low cost, and the key engine for smart home solution.


Currently Heiman smart CO sensor HS1CA-Z, smart combustible gas sensor HS1CG-Z, smart door sensor HS1DS-Z, supper thin smart motion sensor HS1MS-Z, smart smoke sensor HS1SA-Z, smart power metering plug HS2SK-Z have got Z-Wave certificate.


(Smart CO Sensor HS1CA-Z   Z-Wave certificate)


(Smart Combustible Gas Sensor HS1CG-Z  Z-Wave certificate)


(Smart Door Sensor HS1DS-Z   Z-Wave certificate)


(Smart Metering Plug HS2SK-Z   Z-Wave certificate)


(Smart Smoke Sensor HS1SA-Z   Z-Wave certificate)


(Smart Motion Sensor HS1MS-Z  Z-Wave certificate)

CE Certificate

“CE” is a mark for security certified, which has been regarded as the password for manufacturers enter into EU market.


Heiman takes “make peoples’ life secure” as their mission, devote themselves into providing high quality alarm products, and strictly pursuing high quality during all processes like development and manufacturing etc. Currently, Heiman has more than 10 products got CE certificate which is announced by EU agency.

Review 2016


Looking back 2016, we make concerted efforts, reach our common goals, and gain great harvest; Looking ahead 2017, we continue creative and pursuing our glorious and glory on the road to our goal, writing glories of Heiman and drawing Heiman’s grand blueprint together. 

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