[Good news]Smart metering socket HS2SK Won the "Eu passport"——CE certification
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In 2016, Heiman Technology has received lots of good news. After Heiman smart smoke detector HS1SA and smart metering socket HS2SK won ZigBee certification and Z-Wave certification in last month, Heiman smart metering socket HS2SK also got CE certification on November 8th.

CE certification was known as the world's most advanced product conformity assessment model, which is the passport that manufacturers open and enter the European market. Heiman smart metering socket wining the CE certification issued by European certification institution show that its quality performance and safety performance conform to the export quality standards of  Eu countries. Also provide quality assurance for product sales in the domestic market , and enhance the brand influence!

Smart Mertering PlugHS2SK

Shell adopt resistant engineering materials and appearance are compact and fashionable. They are easy to install and have voltage, current, power overload triple protection functions. Support power monitoring and time switching and other functions. One smart socket can easily integrate all intelligent home appliance equipment at home to make life easier!

With “let people’s life more secure”as mission, Heiman technology constantly innovate and keep improving on the product research and production technology. Heiman technology smart metering socket HS2SK have obtained four big authority certification containing Z-Wave certification, ZigBee certification CE certification and RoHS certification at present. This is the proof of Heiman’s strength, which will lead Heiman moving on to the higher and further platform!

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