Congratulations to Heiman won the "Best Home Security Award" in Huawei Developer Contest
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From Aug. 31 to Sept. 2, 2016, Huawei hosted the HUAWEI OCEAN CONNECT2016 All-Connection Conference in Shanghai. The theme of the conference is Shape the cloud, which is the first global annual flagship conference for ICT industry, which is the largest ICT industry conference in the world.

Shenzhen Heiman Technology Co., Ltd. participate in the 2016 Huawei Developer Contest and won the Huawei awarded the "best home security award", tied with the world brand on the same stage.

Xu Wenwei, Managing Director and President of Corporate Strategy Marketing of Huawei, said: "The All-Connection Conference is a 'Roma Square' with a thought collision, which connects the most active ideas in the world and promotes the development of intelligent society in the future. Secondly, this is an ecological platform, The development, cooperation, win-win situation, and jointly build the information society and intelligent society. It is also a grand gathering of connection and cloud technology. Huawei focus on ICT infrastructure, build sustainable cloud ecosystem, enabling customers and partners to innovate and become The implementation of cloud optimization strategy of the preferred partners.

In the era of rapid development of the information age, Heiman smart home, always adhere to the security as the core, closely follow the trend of science and technology, the use of large data, cloud technology, ZigBee technology, user mode, user needs, the actual scene, the overall layout of the hardware facility. To achieve user safety, life convenient, intelligent life demands. To provide users with a full range of intelligent life management, to the user a new fashion smart experience.

At present, Heiman’s smart home security solutions, including security series, environmental series and home automation series.

Haiman smart home security series

Haiman intelligent home security system from the home security needs and intelligence to start, through the Heiman ZigBee intelligent gateway and different components with the freedom to easily achieve the family of intelligent equipment set automation. Infrared sensor, so that no place to hide dangerous.

Hyman intelligent environmental detection series

Haiman intelligent environmental monitoring series using ultra-low-power Zigbee wireless networking technology, the design of a new type of intelligent home environment monitoring system. Allowing users to easily achieve home environment remote real-time monitoring. Sensitive environmental awareness system, early perception of police intelligence, always protect the health of his family.

Haiman smart home appliances series

Haiman smart home appliances series is out of the user's individual needs to consider, in the smart home appliance series is more obvious arbitrary settings. Anytime, anywhere to change the color and brightness of light, remote control home appliances, a key one scene. To give users a more personalized intelligent life experience.

Today, Huawei to Heiman awarded the "Best Home Security Award", with the world's top brands on the same stage, is the industry's recognition and recognition of Heiman, which is the driving force is also responsible, Heiman will remember the beginning of heart, , Continue to focus on the smart home industry, for the family to provide a better home networking security solutions and services.

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