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Alarm products in China's security industry started the earliest, but the first show "fatigue." Compared with vigorous development of monitoring industry and building Intercom industry,  anti-theft alarm industry seems slightly worse in recent years.


On the one hand, after the baptism of the Ebb Tide market, a group of opportunistic enterprises to turn or leave or difficult to maintain, a small part of a solid and solid business glow even more shining light; the other hand, into the digital network age, things, cloud computing The application of new technologies, giving the burglar alarm endless vitality, burglar alarm industry broke out of the withered vitality.


Transformation of the security industry called for benchmarking and industry model. Compared to a variety of slightly thin transition ideas and unrealistic internet thinking, Heiman people choose their own right "shortcut" – honest and active to do good products. It is also this original and simple method makes Heiman the great charm of jade and the vigorous development of stamina in the anti-theft alarm.




the success of the know-how benefited from the Hyman "DNA" in the

Heiman adhere to eleven years as a day with the points and humility occupies a place in the anti-theft alarm industry, the success comes from the "sense of responsibility" in Heiman people’s “DNA”, which makes Heiman out of the traditional price war and the narrow sense of the scale of competition in the security industry to find a new breakthrough.


General manager of Heiman (Mr. ZengYonggang) explains the "sense of responsibility" in Heiman people’s “DNA” ------- “though burglar alarm products is designed to give a preventive protection to human life, I can not sleep in day and night if only regarded it as a tool for making money. What it will be in case of any failure for effective early warning? Heiman sells millions of detectors a year to global market, if these products can be as customer wishes to play a role, which is a great comfort to me”. In a sense, burglar alarm is the game of "1 + 0 = 0", even if only one false positives, perhaps the negation of the entire product.


This responsibility not only let the Heiman people work conscientiously to do product, but also further inspire the positive technology innovation, paranoid pursuit of quality and persistence to perfect work of Heiman people.


Do highest standards of each test and inspecition


Since 11 years of experiences, Heiman people made their products and services coated with a layer of "gold" using their practical action, with reliable performance and first-class quality for their own "coronation."


Heiman imported famous test machines at home and abroad, such as: smoke tunnel, gas analysis machine, constant temperature humidity chamber, and have got ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system, , CCC, CE, LPCB, EN54-7 and many other certificates.


Heiman technology is the only one in Shenzhen gets British LPCB certification of burglar alarm business. LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) is the standard of British security and fire areas, get LPCB approval equivalent to the products meet British standard.


In the smoke alarm, the Heiman spend heavily imported an internationally renowned sensitivity test equipment in 2008. “The size of company is not so big 8 years ago, and when we were the first domestic enterprise imported such a top-level equipment. At that time, Heiman have completely has the reason to just using domestic test machine which may only cost tens of thousands, but we still feel that is unreliable”. Said by deputy general manager of Heiman (Ms. LiuYa),” This is not to say that Chinese equipment is not so good, we used a lot of homemade similar test equipment, but did not achieve the desired effect. After introduction of imported test machine, the product sensitivity has been controlled to a very ideal and reliable range in first time. "


To test PIR detector, perhaps many other manufacturers just optional sensor and then arrange delivery, but Heiman will do 100% test in wireless distance test and frequency spectrum.


For gas detector, Heiman takes "good gene", because the core components - the sensors all use foreign imports. The flame retardant level of housing shell is higher than the national CCC and European EN standard. These are about human life which is the most important, through cost may increase. Heiman insists 12 hours aging test for finished products, and gas calibration before delivery cargoes, do everything they can even customer may not see these.


11 towering years, Heiman has grown into a professional hi-tech enterprise with their own R&D, production and sales for anti-theft alarm system, fire electronic products and smart home system products, and has been rated as a hi-tech enterprise by government. Now, Heiman products have been covered more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China and exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world.

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