HEIMAN is working with HUAWEI more closely
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In the past few days, HEIMANSmart HomeProductsZ-WaveProtocolSeriessuch asSMART SMOKE SENSOR, SMART DOOR SENSOR, SMART MOTION SENSOR, SMART WATER LEAKAGE SENSOR and SMART METERING PLUG have successfully integrated into Huawei OceanConnect.

Simultaneously its ZigBee Protocol Serie such as SMART S MOKE SENSOR, SMART DOOR SENSOR, SMART MOTION SENSOR, SMART WATER LEAKAGE SENSOR and SMART METERING PLUG  have also successfully integrated into HUAWEI OpenLife.

The successful integration into HUAWEI OceanConnect and OpenLife means that HEIMAN Z-Wave Smart Home sensor and ZigBee Smart Home sensor are able to connect to corresponding HUAWEI gateway, which have effectively expanded HEIMAN products’ compatibility and openness, and achieved interconnection between HEIMAN products and HUAWEI platform.


OceanConnect Launched byHuawei's cloud core network, OceanConnect is an IoT ecosystem with the IoT connection management platform as its core. Based on the unified IoT connection management platform, OceanConnect implements seamless connection between upstream and downstream product capabilities through open application programming interfaces (APIs) and serial Agent software. It provides peer-to-peer (P2P) high-value network applications (NAs) for customers, including Smart Home, Connected Car, intelligent meter reading (IMR), smart parking, and Safe City.

The integration has combined advantages of both. HUAWEI and HAIMAN will eventually achieve a win-win goal.

OpenLifeSmart Home Solution

HuaweiOpenLife's aim is to construct a value chain for the mutual benefit of smart home partners. With industry standards, OpenLife provides practical, efficient IoT services using information and automation technologies.

Working with OpenLifeclosely, HEIMAN has profited from multi-development plug-in to quickly and easily create distinctive Smart Home Services.HEIMAN also has profited from OpenLife powerful access communications and security management capacity to provide amoreopennessmorecompatibilitysmart home solutions.

The integration into OceanConnect and OpenLife not only demonstrates HEIMAN’s independent product R&D capability and mass production capacity, but also proves that HEIMAN’s brand influence and strength has won HUAWEI’s recognition.

More HEIMAN products are in the process of integration with HUAWEI platform. HEIMAN and HUAWEI will strengthen cooperation in the IOT market and provide safer and more flexible connection management for more smart devices in the market.

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