Congratulations to Heiman for Getting ZigBee Certificate!
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On June 2nd, Heiman smart door sensor and smart motion sensor have approved for getting ZigBee certificate.

Till now, there are 4 different products from Heiman got ZigBee certificate (include smart door sensor HS1DS, smart motion sensor HS1MS, smart smoke sensor HS1SA, smart metering plug HS2SK), which has been proved a good compatibility and stability of Heiman products.

ZigBee certificate of smart door sensor HS1DS

Smart Door Sensor

Real time monitor opening or closing state of the door, sensitively alarm if somebody intrusion, protect the safety of property.

ZigBee certificate of smart motion sensor HS1MS

Smart Motion Sensor

Detect human body or pet movement by sensing temperature differences, efficient protect house security.

ZigBee is a new two-way wireless communication technology with features of short-distance, low-speed, low-power, low-cost, ad hoc network, low complexity, reliable, high extensible.

In the competition of IOT smart home, ZigBee has win the dominant position during the competition with other wireless communication technologies like WiFi, RF, Bluetooth, Z-wave, While in the further, ZigBee, WiFi, RF, Buletooth, Z-wave and many other different wireless communication technologies will co-exist and long-term development.

Though Heiman is one of the ZigBee members and technology enablers, it doesn’t mean Heiman will limit on ZigBee technology during innovation of IOT. In the further, Heiman will be the leader of smart life, smart home solution by using more sophisticated technologies and more innovative designs.

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