Congratulations! Heiman smart water leakage alarm, smart plug and smart temperature and humidity sen
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Recently, Heiman’s 3 new products-- smart water leakage alarm, smart plug and smart temperature and humidity sensor have acquired z-wave certification. Thisis an important step of Heiman products towards  a more compatible and open smart home ecosystem!

(Heiman HS1WL Smart Water Leakage Sensor)

Report water leakage situation timely. You can say goodbye to flooding at your home.

(HEIMAN Smart Metering Plug)

It supports remote control, time-switch,with voltage/current/power overload protection.

(Heiman HS1HT Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor)

It monitors and reports indoor humidity and temperature status timely, having a linkageto household appliances to improve the indoor environment.

Z-Wave, as a reliable wireless communication technology, with a simple structure and low-cost, is the leading wireless control technology for household appliances in the market and a key support engine for smart home solutions.

In addition to 3 products mentioned above, Heiman CO alarm, Combustible gas alarm, Door sensor, Motion sensor and Smoke alarm all have passed z-wave certifications.

More and more products have passed the certifications of international authorities, which not only shows Heiman has high technology in the physical networking, but also that Heiman's smart home products have gradually adopted to the international standards, successfully appeared on the smart home international stage, and entered the international mainstream market!

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