How to link with Echo?
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1.Download Smart Home APP in Google Play or APP store.

2.Register via Email Address in Smart Home APP.

3.Add WiFi Metering Plug, or Add Smart gateway, then add RGB bulb or Metering Plug into the gateway.

4.Download Alexa APP in Google Play or APP store.

5.Log in Alexa via Amazon account.

6.Click Home, Skills, then input ”hismart”  in the search box to search SmartHome Skill.

7.Click “ENABLE”, then input Email address and password of Smart Home APP to sign in.

8.Connect your Echo, Tap or Echo Dot to WiFi.

9.Speak to your Echo, Tap or Echo Dot as “Alexa, discover devices” , or click Discover Devices in Alexa APP. It will take about 20 seconds to find all devices in the Smart Home APP.

10.After find out devices, you can create groups, for example, choose several RGB bulbs in the same group.

11.If you want to change the name of devices, you should go to Smart Home APP to change them, then discover devices again, the changed names will show in the Alexa APP.

12.After you finished all setting, use voice to control your devices. Fox example, if you changed name of devices as light, plug, you should say:    

Alexa, turn on light

Alexa, turn off light

Alexa, dim light

Alexa, increase the brightness of light

Alexa, set the brightness of light to 50%.

Alexa, turn on plug

Alexa, turn off plug 

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