Heiman Smart Home won 2 Red Dot Design Awards in 2017!
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Recently, Germany Reddot Design Award, known as design industry’s Oscar, has unveiled its awards list, in which Heiman with its two smart Home products-Smart Smoke Sensor and Smart CO Alarm has been named. Designers and R&D team from Heiman have accepted the international recognition again.

Red Dot Design Award, considered to be the top awards of global industrial design area, is the symbol of high quality design, so it’s also called Oscar of design industry. Its international panel of jurors will only grant the awards that are carved by all designers to those most outstanding designs. Winning the award equals to that the appearance and texture of the product has obtained the most authoritative "quality assurance."

Heiman Smart Smoke Sensor

Combined art and practicability, Heiman Smart Smoke Sensor adopts mini compact and fashion exterior design. The product shell adopts fire-retarded engineering material. Classical color combination of grey and white and smooth appearance design add in more elegance. Arc line Highlights well-balanced proportion, bringing a sense of sculpture

Portable and brief design,  with WiFi connecting makes it suitable for kinds of home installation. Fixed by pasting on the wall, it will do no damage to your room walls.

Simple and small appearance cannot prevent its energetic design structure inside. The Sensor adopting ultra-low power consumption wireless networking technology, with high decibel buzzer, can perform stably. Once smoke reaches to certain density, high decibel alarm will be triggered.Exquisite design is just for more professional safeguard work for our customers.

Compared with traditional smoke sensor, this new smart sensor has linkage function that it will issue turn-on instructions to e-curtain, fan and air-cleaner and so on to clean house air automatically.

Heiman Smart Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Design aesthetics melted into the simple appearance, this smart CO alarm has been greatly flavored by customers with its beautiful and unique appearance, well-balanced proportion and line structure. In addition, the installation and usage is also very convenient.

Pursuit of details and perfect, Heiman R&D and design team has achieved the design accurate to extreme minimal size. From product structure to sensor body, installation bottom part, unique design can be found everywhere.

High stability, ultra-low power consumption and high sensibility has all come true under the compact cover. It can be pasted on the wall, and also can stand on the desk, supporting 360 degree working in the kitchen to assure the safety of your kitchen.

It’s a perfect combination of exterior appearance and functions. With strong WiFi relay ability, when one alarm sounds, alarms in the other room will issue alarm sounds at the same time so as to warn the host to the utmost.

Heart will be touched by ingenious design. It’s because of the ultimate pursuit to the product, design aesthetics and product details that, Heiman sticked out and won two Germany Red Dot Design Awards this year!

Heiman will take the awards as a new starting line to make continuous efforts to achieve greater breakthrough.

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