2017-04-05 211
Assure your router is set to 2.4GHz and not to 5.0GHz, the smart gateway works on most routers, including routers that support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi bands. However, the smart gateway does not supp...
2017-02-20 192
Please make sure the smart gateway is connecting with an available and unobstructed WiFi. When click “update”, the white LED of smart gateway flash quickly, and the smart gateway will update succuss...
2017-02-20 146
“When people pass by at night. Light turns on, then turns off after people leave” Explain: after activate the function in smart gateway, when the smart gateway stays in dark place(for example light ...
2017-02-20 128
Method 1: Press the disarm button of the smart remote controller(mare sure the smart remote controller has been included into the smart gateway). Method 2: Enter into Smart Home APP→Press “Home mode...
2017-02-20 153
Home mode: when the motion sensor detects people passing by, the motion sensor will not activate alarm, but only save the records of “Someone passby” and “Nobody passby”. When the status of door s...
2017-02-20 150
Method 1: Open Smart Home APP, enter into gateway, check if “Leaving mode” is activated, if not, please click “Leaving mode”. Method 2: Open Smart Home APP, enter into gateway, check if the motion...
2017-02-20 102
Please change the same model battery.
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